Clothes and Closets



20160401_184825-3Adjusting to life on the road full-time meant giving up clothes and shoes?! I barely have a closet now in our huge fifth wheel RV. I miss my walk-in, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The closet in the pic looks adequate, but many don’t know how much other stuff has to go in there. Coats, for example, when we catch a cold spell in the desert. My better half is relegated to a small space above the washer/dryer combo unit, with a few drawers I threw in, reluctantly. I, on the other hand, have the whole miniaturized closet at the front of the RV, plus a few drawers. I had to fight for them, but heck, guys don’t need closets: Drawers yes, closets no.

I have always been about clothes! The right outfit and color, including shoes, can make or break a woman’s day. I bounced my first (and last) check on a pair of cowboy boots, but oh, they were so worth it. I was a freshman in college and fell in love with a dorm-mates’ boots and had to have a pair! Especially since she graciously lent them to me on various occasions. The borrowing of outfits happened a lot in the dorm. I was in Colorado so finding the right pair of cowboy boots wasn’t a problem. A couple of years later, my junior year, I got my first credit card and spent my first $100 on a pair of Guess jeans, the ones that tapered towards the ankle and zipped. It was the 80’s mind you! I also lived in Paris, France, that same year, as an Au Pair (nanny). OMG! Talk about heavenly shopping! All the shops up and down the boulevards were fabulous, to say the very least. Don’t even get me started on the SHOE stores! O la la! C’est Magnifique! My fave stateside shopping is in Chicago, especially along Michigan Avenue.

One summer in college, I naively wore brand new flats on Michigan Avenue and had to buy socks because of blisters. I walked into Saks and bought a pair for $20! They were the least expensive ones they had! It was a standing joke between my sister and I that we would know we had “made it” when we could walk into Saks and shop without looking at the price tags. I’m still waiting for that day. Illness circumvented that glorious day, but I’m on the road to recovery and will make it there (see my other blog Dysmotility Life ), one state at a time.

I also want to add that traveling, meeting new people and mtn biking all the great trails the states have to offer, does outweigh having that huge walk-in closet. For the time being, anyway….





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