Hawkeye Saturday

Hawkeye Saturday


I’m back in Iowa City for a month or so, depending on when I’m able to see my doctor?! It is homecoming weekend here at the U of Iowa and Oktoberfest in Amana. Big weekend here! We play Northwestern, so there will be plenty of people from Chicago here too! GO HAWKS!!

I loved going to football games as long as the wind wasn’t whipping and ice cold or it wasn’t downpouring buckets of rain. It’s a great time to be social and cheer on your fave team! Hot dogs and soda included. Dressing for the games can be tricky and it’s best to put on a few layers. Those guys you see on TV without shirts is not the way I recommend going. I remember arriving at the stadium and throwing my extra clothes out the car window for friends to catch and hold on to while I parked the car. This “toss” included boots, wool hat, mittens, a thin one piece ski/wind suit and down ski jacket. I would start out in shorts, tee-shirt, tennis shoes and a ball cap. The games usually started at 11am or 2pm and the length depended on whether it was on TV or not; TV commercial breaks. Oh, one side note, you’re not allowed to bring purses or backpacks into the stadium so make sure you have plenty of deep pockets!

In October, the game temp at kick-off will usually be around 70 degrees F. By the time fourth quarter hits, the sun (if at all shining) seems to go down quickly and in turn, so does the temp. Now the layers come in handy! The game isn’t any fun when you’re freezing and can only think about how good the car heater is going to feel.

Bergans ski coat

BRAX straight leg jeans

Dr. Martens leather booties
$190 – calzatureshoponline.com

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
$120 – vestiairecollective.com




This is 62 Stylin’


Christie Brinkley is ageless as she proves in this latest pic. This is what I’m talking about! Age is just a number, not a “go by!”. I love this look and I wear it! I’ve looked on 40+ sites for women and come on, when do we die after 40?! I will be buried in my Levi jeans, hoodie and ball cap. This is my style and I will own it! I love old, worn jeans with natural holes and cowboy boots. I love hockey jersey’s, hats and DC skate shoes. Don’t get me wrong as I also love skirts, blazers and heels. I love to dress up, but with my lifestyle it’s not always practical. Casual and comfort is my fashion mantra. I don’t do polyester and obnoxious flowers.

I am a tomboy at heart and love nothing but sweats to lounge in, albeit I do prefer them to be pink with logos. I do avoid things like cropped tops though. I still have the stomach to wear them, but that’s 20’s style and I don’t feel comfy. (Plus there’s my j-tube.) So there are things I won’t wear, but for the most part I’m game for anything, if it looks good!


Sturgis Fashion & Style


Every August since 1940, a huge motorcycle rally happens in South Dakota! I mean HUGE!! It is based in STURGIS. I had a friend at the U of Iowa that went every year and he even wrote a short story about it. It ended up being published in a national literary magazine. He was that good! (Must be nice!) Above are pics I took during our trip from Colorado to South Dakota, via Wyoming. There was an unending stream of Harley’s and RV’s on the entire way up.

Harley riders, plain enthusiasts and wannabe’s, have a distinct fashion sense. “Cool” if you will. Leather is the main overwhelming clothing choice that makes a statement along with being a big part of safety. There are also the jeans, tees, jean jackets and boots. Helmet’s are voluntary. Here are some random Sturgis Style pics:

I don’t pretend to be a Hip Harley Chick at all, but I do enjoy seeing what they’re wearing. The girls mostly wore jeans, boots and either a tank or halter top. The guys were the flashy ones, with the leather vests and Do-Rags were a mainstay with the guys, not so much the gals. Sunglasses are needed and there were all styles. All the shops were full of tees and ball caps and no I didn’t pick up either this time. Although I did have my eye on a certain pink Sturgis cap. The motorcycle boots were my favorite and at one time I did have a pair of faux ones years ago. Oh, and everyone wore either a jean or leather vest with colorful emblems on the back; what back in my day they called “flying colors.” (Watch Sons of Anarchy or Wild Hogs.)

While traveling from coast to coast, I always pay attention to what people are wearing. I always buy a piece or two to mix and wear with my own collection. Not everywhere is there a NYC, Paris or Milan where designers gather. Yes, someday I’d love to go to a show or two if I’m in the right place and time, but lets face it, hardly anyone can afford the designs at the elite shows; especially since they target the younger crowd, who can’t afford them?!




Casual is the Traveler’s Friend


This pic is one reason why “casual” is the way I dress! We’re in the Midwest and between rivers and streams. Not too far from the Mississippi, mind you! It’s almost October and we are watching flood warnings flash across the TV screen! We spent most the night up with our boxer, as she was terrified of all the rain and thunder and she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Poor thing.

Anyway, being on the road and moving from the dry desert of the Southwest to the flood plains of the Midwest, requires a more subdued wardrobe. As you can see from the pics above, skirts and heels are not the way to go! A pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, raincoat and rubber boots are the way to go! Don’t ask me about my hair either! It’s tied back and I wear a ball cap because the humidity is murder on my thick and curly hair and the frizz is unbelievable! I dislike it immensely! I would love to put on a cute fall skirt, boots and makeup, but that wouldn’t work. My hair frizzes, makeup runs, boots would cake in mud, skirt would blow up in the wind and the sweat from the humidity would soak my cute top! What’s a girl to do?!!

While in the desert, it’s usually too hot and dry to wear anything but a swimsuit! This is why South Dakota was soo perfect! It was in the middle of these two extremes and I could dress up more. I could plan out my outfits ahead of time cuz there wasn’t these extreme changes, the weather was much more mellow. My hair didn’t frizz, my make up didn’t melt and I didn’t soak through my clothes. What a concept! Here’s my rain wear, all from Kohl’s:








Can’t Show it any Better


Her name is Natalia Vodianova, from Russia, and she puts the Kendall’s, Gigi’s and Hailey’s to shame. She comes from nothing and made herself into something. Nothing was given to her and she’s not American “royalty” (if it really is royalty?!). I beg to differ. I like and admire beauty and most importantly the “self-made.” Those that come from nothing and make themselves into something, not just given everything. The undeserving really irk me!! Natalia is a beauty and worked for everything she has and that my friends is admirable. I am neither a beauty and I am a struggling artist, but at least neither mommy nor daddy “made” me and I don’t have losers hanging on to not me, but my money and what I can do for them! Just sayin’…

Anyway, I’ve had my say and there are many who will disagree with me, but no matter, I tell it like I see it. I guess it’s the “injustice” hater in me that seeks out the good and condemns the not so good. It comes from the Latvian blood running through my veins. My family was wealthy and good looking, but during WWII had it ALL taken away. My grandmother always told me that “they” can take everything from you, except your education and religion. I’ve always heeded her wise words and I did get my sense of style from her! When I was younger, I would go into the basement and through her closets. I found an old yet fashionable dress, from the 50’s, that I made into my own and still have today. It still fits and goes great with a pair of white KED’S!



I’m proud of where I come from and if I never fulfill my dreams, that’s okay cuz I’ll know that I succeeded or failed because of what I did or didn’t do, period. It doesn’t get any more real than that.


Mermaid Swim

Mermaid Swim

Swim suit
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WithChic tankini top
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Mermaid bedding

Mermaid bedding

Man’s Man

Man's Man

Timberland mens loafer shoes
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Rolex mens watch

Banana Republic mens woven shirt

Ray-Ban ray ban mens sunglasses
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Tyler Tyler mens blue belt
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Lipsy strappy crop top
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Hudson skinny fit jeans
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River Island high heel ankle boots
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Burberry brightly watch

Red ring

Alexander McQueen skull umbrella
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Linda Farrow vintage round glasses
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Chloé burgundy scarve
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Red Rose Patch
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