Fall is in the Air

“If you think something is cool, then rock it, own it and don’t let other people’s opinions derail you from how you want to express yourself,” Vanessa Hudgens.

Yeah, what Vanessa said! I believe this pertains to all facets of life, whether it be in fashion, writing or in the RV you chose to go down the road in (have you heard of Augusta Luxe?!). Choose your style and then OWN it! I’ve always been told that I know how to mix, match and blend.(?) I can take old and staple items, mix them with a new piece and VOILA! I have a great outfit!

When you live on the road with limited resources, you have to make a lot out of a little. Like when I was a journalist and I attended a meeting where nothing happened. The editor would tell me to make something out of nothing or to stretch three inches into ten. I did not write about things that didn’t actually happen, but take what happened and add extra quotes or expand on something that was brought up and not discussed in detail. I did NOT falsify, just dug deeper. Just like I have to dig deeper in my closet to find the right piece or look harder to make the pieces work together. Accessories really help. Scarves and hats are my faves.

Fall is in the air! My absolute favorite time of the year. I missed out last year going from southern Utah to southern Arizona. High desert to low desert, no fall. Now in Dakota, I’ll have my fall. I wore my first fall outfit today, Levi’s and a sweater. Simple and comfy.







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