Dress Your Age?! What Does that Mean, Really?

Okay. I am going to bitch a little today. I’m in a mood after looking through sites such as Polyvore and Fashionista and listening to people like, okay, my mother! I have had enough of the naysayers and will only say, “To each her own.” Style is a choice just like “what am I going to have for dinner” is a choice. Should I get online and only eat what I read other 40 plus women are eating?! Really?! ReAlLy?! REALLY?!  I don’t think so!

I had to grow up fast on very little, so when I got to college, I reversed the growing up process and grew young (like that Brad Pitt movie). I am like 45 going on 25 and proud of it. Oh yeah, I have grown up responsibilities but that’s where I draw the line. I was blessed with great genes! I am half Latvian and have a decent bloodline. My grandmother looked 50 when she was over 70! I do not look my age and I like to have fun and take risks. “Adventurous” is a good way to describe me. I have nieces and nephews and adore being on their levels and playing. While mom did all the mom stuff, aunt Karen would go out throw the football, skateboard and play dress up with barbie dolls. Always willing to get down and dirty with the kids! I love them! I’ve always had younger friends and enjoyed being the big sister! I related better with them than their parents. Parents were stuffy and I wasn’t, nor would I ever be a parent. Sorry…. NOT!! (Illness negated me having children)

I will never dress in “mom” or “old lady” clothes or shoes. No, I’m not going to dress like a teenager either! I will always be in between and will not ever change. For example, I love ball caps and will always wear them. It’s the tomboy in me and I look good in them! Especially when the hat matches the color scheme I’m going for that day. What is wrong with that? Absolutely Nothing!

I love Kohl’s Rock & Republic! Totally my style! I also love Nike and Adidas! I love cowboy boots and running shoes! I love Levi’s 501’s with natural rips/tears and I love the way the white fray looks. Killer!! I love men’s oversized sweaters and DC skate shoes! I like mid-thigh skirts and my Teva sandals! (Not together, mind you.)  I love multiple bracelets, an oversized watch and hoop earrings!

I am also a great size, which I’ve maintained since college. I’m 5’8 and 140 lbs, with an athletic build. I mountain bike and lift! NO dieting, ever! I’ve always been extremely active! I love being YOUNG and make NO excuses about it! I lost a lot when I became ill in my late twenties, diagnosed at 31. It took everything I have to survive and that’s why I will no longer let life or others dictate who I should be or look like. My style is my style and if someone doesn’t like it cuz I’m OLD, or whatever, screw them!! Just sayin’….

Think Cher, J-Lo or Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage!





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