Dream Closets

This, my friends, is a 2017 DRV Manhattan!! Sweet, huh?! Our future RV! Manhattan is a perfect name for this floor plan cuz, as you can see, there are lots of closets! This says SHOPPING to me!  New and more clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry! HEAVEN on earth! I know, “you can’t take it with you” and all that, but WOW! I’m already looking to see what I can put where. Wait, oh yeah, he needs someplace for his stuff. I’ll figure it out, or not!

Anyway, I joined both Polyvore and Lookbook and am having a blast putting outfits together! It’s like sketching and paper dolls together. They are great for winding down at the end of the day. I go into the bedroom, put on some tunes and create away. My better half is in the living room playing Call of Duty – Modern Warfare. To each his/her own they say.

DRV‘s are artistic creations in themselves, which lends to being creative within yourself. The interior designers for these floor plans are sometimes genius! Just like fashion designers! I love being creative and luckily enough, I come from a family of writers and oil painters. There is true creative genius in starting from practically nothing and creating  something bigger than life. My better half is a web designer and although I like to design my own sites, he comes in handy when I’m stuck or something doesn’t look or feel right. Actually, I have to beg. He does it for a living and doesn’t want anything to do with computers and web sites if he’s not being paid the big bucks, lol!

Here’s to all the artists in the world! Creativity can get you in or out of any situation and make your world a better place. In my world, a pair of 501‘s and cowboy boots, with an oversized sweater, is all I need to feel better! I just bought a new watch today and I’ll probably sleep with it for the next couple nights! See, doesn’t take much…!


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