Paris Flow

Paris Flow


A L C white cropped sweater

Hogan kohl shoes
$325 –

Military beret hat

Old Navy scarve

It’s been a few years since I lived in Paris. (On “Rue Jean Delant” for naysayers.) Anyway, this would be what I would wear, then and now. You see, Europeans are thrifty and they can take something “old” and make it new again! A Parisienne’s style is timeless! I try to emulate things I saw and loved. Every trend lives, dies and is then reborn, but if you hold on to the essentials, you’ll always be in the now of everyday fashion.
With this outfit, I went with black and white, which can be dressed up or down. I loved the boots, period. I added the scarf to add a touch of color and the hat that screams “fun!” I can’t go anywhere without my sunglasses and I have had up to 10 pairs, so I added them here. The earrings add “color.” Finally, I feel naked without a watch and have several. Black on black is stylin’! Bon Voyage!

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