Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown


Mens ripped jeans

Mens canvas shoes
$14 –

Arizona mens watch

I also like playing with guy’s wardrobes. I’ve known so many guys that do not know how to dress and they don’t care. Go figure. Most hate any kind of shopping and just getting them to go inside of a department store is painful enough for both parties involved. I remember seeing a guy standing outside of a woman’s fitting room with an armload of assorted clothes. I said to him, “Man, I wish I had a guy like you, standing outside patiently while your girlfriend shops!” He replied, with a smile, “I just finished a twelve hour shift before coming here. I don’t mind at all.” I about fell over!
Now, there are guys that can dress themselves, but not many. My fave look on a guy is jeans, a button down shirt, a pair of boots and a nice watch. This goes a long way with a lot of girls/women I know. My guy knows how to dress and I’m thankful for that, but I do love to go out and pick assorted pieces to go with his basics. If he allows me too, I’m more than ready and willing. Good luck girls, is all I can say!




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