Why South Dakota?

I chose “South Dakota Stylin'” because the Dakotas are perfectly understated. They represent the outdoors and nature in a quiet manner. Yes, I’ll probably spend the winter in Arizona, but the Black Hills are gorgeous and there are miles and miles of wide open space, which is great for a person’s piece of mind and for the large population of wildlife.

Don’t get me wrong though, I was born and bred a city girl and still love the city, but I don’t really want to live there any longer. With the advent of the internet, I don’t need to live in the city because everything is now at my fingertips, so to speak. Yes, I still want to see the St Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies play and go shopping on Michigan Avenue and enjoy museums and concerts. For now though, my home is on the road and when we find the perfect spot, we’ll put down roots. My better half was born and bred in Montana and I grew up mostly in Colorado, although I was born in Europe and I’m a first generation American on my mother’s side (Latvian). I don’t have a place I call home since I moved around a lot. I used to joke that the airport was my second home, then unfortunately, the hospital was. Now I’m making up for lost time, as long as my health stays somewhat “steady.”

My family and friends live all over the states and that’s fine by me, albeit not in a negative way. With my current RV lifestyle, I’m able to see those that I need to. I also get to meet new people from all over, even overseas, which makes for lively conversation and fast, though not necessarily lasting, because of distance, friendships.

One of my dreams was to eventually live on a ranch and raise animals of all kinds. So, I find myself looking for a life away from the overcrowded cities, although I still want to visit and check out the latest of everything, especially trends in fashion and style! I definitely love the casual, laid back, yet stylin’, ranch look. Give me a pair of Levi’s, a sweater and cowboy boots and I’m “home!” Although, I love dresses, skirts and a  conservative yet sophisticated business attire. Don’t get me started on shoes and jackets, though! Love them all! I grew up always wanting to wear the latest trends in fashion. I followed the trends religiously and kept up as much as finances allowed. This is where I picked up on the thrifty, yet stylish ways of Europeans. They always had it right!

Anyway, this is the ’round about way of telling you how the title of this blog came about and yes, I took the picture of the horse! Though my time here will be brief, this area has left an imprint on my soul and I feel it represents how I want to spend the second half of my life. I’ll be near Phoenix this winter and there will be plenty of shopping to do with my mom and sister! Yet, come summer, this is where I’ll want to be!





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