The Trends of Youth


I spent some precious time with my nieces over this past summer. If I want to know what the younger fashionista’s are wearing, all I have to do is spend quality time with them. They live out of state, so I see them when I can, which unfortunately, isn’t often. They’re getting older and developing their own styles. Hot Topic is one of their fave spots to shop. Their mom keeps them up-to-date, a fashionista herself, but they live with their dad and he just keeps them in the staples: Jeans and shoes, basically.

The older niece is more like me when it comes to her own personal style and she “owns it!” She is the “rocker” and I love that! A basic black tee with her fave band, The Black Veiled Brides, a black leather bracelet, a touch of color with green and orange fur pompoms, basic black jean shorts and black Converse high tops. Her nails are painted a deep, dark purple because she’s not allowed to paint them black, just yet. So hip!

I used to buy my nephews clothes and shoes when they were younger. I loved shopping for them and kept them up-to-date. They are now in high school and college so I can’t any longer!  They have their own styles and for guys they do fine. Their mom had great taste and made sure they wore the latest trends. They were easier, basic jeans and tee’s and tennis shoes: Hurley tee, Levi’s jeans and DC skate shoes. Not that hard!









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