Kendall…Hailey, WHO?!

post-40197-0-49277200-1411578398.jpgI came across this young model from Poland. “Refreshing” is the word that first comes to mind. Maybe I’m a bit biased, being a first generation American on my mom’s side, Latvian, but there is something about the European “look.” I have true Baltic blood running through my veins, and have relatives from places like Poland and Germany. The “true” discoveries come from obscure places and humble backgrounds. (Just a side note, my grandfather was executed by the Russians, during WWII in Poland. We fought with the Germans because they were the “lessor of two evils.”)

Cindy Crawford was discovered in a cornfield, detasseling corn, in the small northern Illinois town of DeKalb, so the story goes. I was living with my grandparents, just down the road, at the time. (Yes, I’ve detasseled too. Tough job!!) This was right outside Chicago. My friends and I would make frequent trips into Chicago! Cindy was a local heroine!

Anyway, there is a point to all this and it is that today’s fashion “models” are not models! The only reason they grace the covers of our fave fashion mags is because money got them there. They come from wealth and fame: Reality TV. If you have a rich mommy or famous daddy, then you’re in! It’s not their flawless faces but how many Instagram followers they have. That’s where it’s at today. Such a black mark on today’s fashion and I’m, by far, not the only one who sees this.

I came across this face this morning, Aneta, and it clearly states “fashion/supermodel!” The one thing that stood out for me were those eyebrows! Awesome! She reminds me of Cindy Crawford. The 80’s and 90’s girls WERE supermodels! NO question!

Let’s base a model on her looks, composure and confidence, not on money, celebrity parents and how many Instagram followers they have! PLEASE! I am truly disappointed in Vogue and those magazines that follow suit. Enough already…! Let’s get back to those girls truly blessed by God himself with gorgeous genes!



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