Can’t Show it any Better


Her name is Natalia Vodianova, from Russia, and she puts the Kendall’s, Gigi’s and Hailey’s to shame. She comes from nothing and made herself into something. Nothing was given to her and she’s not American “royalty” (if it really is royalty?!). I beg to differ. I like and admire beauty and most importantly the “self-made.” Those that come from nothing and make themselves into something, not just given everything. The undeserving really irk me!! Natalia is a beauty and worked for everything she has and that my friends is admirable. I am neither a beauty and I am a struggling artist, but at least neither mommy nor daddy “made” me and I don’t have losers hanging on to not me, but my money and what I can do for them! Just sayin’…

Anyway, I’ve had my say and there are many who will disagree with me, but no matter, I tell it like I see it. I guess it’s the “injustice” hater in me that seeks out the good and condemns the not so good. It comes from the Latvian blood running through my veins. My family was wealthy and good looking, but during WWII had it ALL taken away. My grandmother always told me that “they” can take everything from you, except your education and religion. I’ve always heeded her wise words and I did get my sense of style from her! When I was younger, I would go into the basement and through her closets. I found an old yet fashionable dress, from the 50’s, that I made into my own and still have today. It still fits and goes great with a pair of white KED’S!



I’m proud of where I come from and if I never fulfill my dreams, that’s okay cuz I’ll know that I succeeded or failed because of what I did or didn’t do, period. It doesn’t get any more real than that.



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