Casual is the Traveler’s Friend


This pic is one reason why “casual” is the way I dress! We’re in the Midwest and between rivers and streams. Not too far from the Mississippi, mind you! It’s almost October and we are watching flood warnings flash across the TV screen! We spent most the night up with our boxer, as she was terrified of all the rain and thunder and she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Poor thing.

Anyway, being on the road and moving from the dry desert of the Southwest to the flood plains of the Midwest, requires a more subdued wardrobe. As you can see from the pics above, skirts and heels are not the way to go! A pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, raincoat and rubber boots are the way to go! Don’t ask me about my hair either! It’s tied back and I wear a ball cap because the humidity is murder on my thick and curly hair and the frizz is unbelievable! I dislike it immensely! I would love to put on a cute fall skirt, boots and makeup, but that wouldn’t work. My hair frizzes, makeup runs, boots would cake in mud, skirt would blow up in the wind and the sweat from the humidity would soak my cute top! What’s a girl to do?!!

While in the desert, it’s usually too hot and dry to wear anything but a swimsuit! This is why South Dakota was soo perfect! It was in the middle of these two extremes and I could dress up more. I could plan out my outfits ahead of time cuz there wasn’t these extreme changes, the weather was much more mellow. My hair didn’t frizz, my make up didn’t melt and I didn’t soak through my clothes. What a concept! Here’s my rain wear, all from Kohl’s:









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