Sturgis Fashion & Style


Every August since 1940, a huge motorcycle rally happens in South Dakota! I mean HUGE!! It is based in STURGIS. I had a friend at the U of Iowa that went every year and he even wrote a short story about it. It ended up being published in a national literary magazine. He was that good! (Must be nice!) Above are pics I took during our trip from Colorado to South Dakota, via Wyoming. There was an unending stream of Harley’s and RV’s on the entire way up.

Harley riders, plain enthusiasts and wannabe’s, have a distinct fashion sense. “Cool” if you will. Leather is the main overwhelming clothing choice that makes a statement along with being a big part of safety. There are also the jeans, tees, jean jackets and boots. Helmet’s are voluntary. Here are some random Sturgis Style pics:

I don’t pretend to be a Hip Harley Chick at all, but I do enjoy seeing what they’re wearing. The girls mostly wore jeans, boots and either a tank or halter top. The guys were the flashy ones, with the leather vests and Do-Rags were a mainstay with the guys, not so much the gals. Sunglasses are needed and there were all styles. All the shops were full of tees and ball caps and no I didn’t pick up either this time. Although I did have my eye on a certain pink Sturgis cap. The motorcycle boots were my favorite and at one time I did have a pair of faux ones years ago. Oh, and everyone wore either a jean or leather vest with colorful emblems on the back; what back in my day they called “flying colors.” (Watch Sons of Anarchy or Wild Hogs.)

While traveling from coast to coast, I always pay attention to what people are wearing. I always buy a piece or two to mix and wear with my own collection. Not everywhere is there a NYC, Paris or Milan where designers gather. Yes, someday I’d love to go to a show or two if I’m in the right place and time, but lets face it, hardly anyone can afford the designs at the elite shows; especially since they target the younger crowd, who can’t afford them?!





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