This is 62 Stylin’


Christie Brinkley is ageless as she proves in this latest pic. This is what I’m talking about! Age is just a number, not a “go by!”. I love this look and I wear it! I’ve looked on 40+ sites for women and come on, when do we die after 40?! I will be buried in my Levi jeans, hoodie and ball cap. This is my style and I will own it! I love old, worn jeans with natural holes and cowboy boots. I love hockey jersey’s, hats and DC skate shoes. Don’t get me wrong as I also love skirts, blazers and heels. I love to dress up, but with my lifestyle it’s not always practical. Casual and comfort is my fashion mantra. I don’t do polyester and obnoxious flowers.

I am a tomboy at heart and love nothing but sweats to lounge in, albeit I do prefer them to be pink with logos. I do avoid things like cropped tops though. I still have the stomach to wear them, but that’s 20’s style and I don’t feel comfy. (Plus there’s my j-tube.) So there are things I won’t wear, but for the most part I’m game for anything, if it looks good!



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