Hawkeye Saturday

Hawkeye Saturday


I’m back in Iowa City for a month or so, depending on when I’m able to see my doctor?! It is homecoming weekend here at the U of Iowa and Oktoberfest in Amana. Big weekend here! We play Northwestern, so there will be plenty of people from Chicago here too! GO HAWKS!!

I loved going to football games as long as the wind wasn’t whipping and ice cold or it wasn’t downpouring buckets of rain. It’s a great time to be social and cheer on your fave team! Hot dogs and soda included. Dressing for the games can be tricky and it’s best to put on a few layers. Those guys you see on TV without shirts is not the way I recommend going. I remember arriving at the stadium and throwing my extra clothes out the car window for friends to catch and hold on to while I parked the car. This “toss” included boots, wool hat, mittens, a thin one piece ski/wind suit and down ski jacket. I would start out in shorts, tee-shirt, tennis shoes and a ball cap. The games usually started at 11am or 2pm and the length depended on whether it was on TV or not; TV commercial breaks. Oh, one side note, you’re not allowed to bring purses or backpacks into the stadium so make sure you have plenty of deep pockets!

In October, the game temp at kick-off will usually be around 70 degrees F. By the time fourth quarter hits, the sun (if at all shining) seems to go down quickly and in turn, so does the temp. Now the layers come in handy! The game isn’t any fun when you’re freezing and can only think about how good the car heater is going to feel.

Bergans ski coat

BRAX straight leg jeans

Dr. Martens leather booties
$190 – calzatureshoponline.com

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
$120 – vestiairecollective.com




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