Cleaning out my Closet

When I hear “cleaning out my closet,” I think Eminem. Loved that song! Anyway, I ran across this in the Daily Mail about a stylist in England. Quite interesting knowing that I had to do this myself when I decided to live out on the road and full-time in an RV. I don’t regret my decision, not by a long shot, but yes I admit it: I am a clothes and shoes hoarder! Oh, the horror! LOL!

Cleaning out your closet

I guess changing my lifestyle was my rehab. It wasn’t easy, but I did and do need to rethink my wardrobe now and start all over. Damn, that means I have to go shopping to get the items I now know I must have to compliment my lifestyle. Yes, clean out my closet one more time and then fill it back up with what I need. Yea!

Just talking about it drives my better-half crazy, but hey, he doesn’t understand this clothes/shoes thing us women have! Before he met me, after he started RVing full-time (his wife passed, cancer, and he was alone in a huge house), he went out and bought what he needed. Fifteen pairs of the same jeans, boring, shelves of pocket tee’s, light and heavy jackets (one of each) and drawers full of boxers and socks – ALL THE SAME – can you say “YAWN?!!” He claims it’s all he needs?! Oh, and he only “needs” two pairs of shoes, according to him.

Welcome to my world! He doesn’t understand why I need different styles, colors and different outfits for different occasions. And don’t bring up shoes and purses, oh my! Very few men “get it.” I see I have to break him in and I hear that from a lot of women I meet on the road! So I’m a little “high maintenance,” he’ll learn! LOL!

We come from different backgrounds, but who doesn’t? I always thought it would be boring to marry the “boy next door” anyway. It’s never a dull moment here! Gotta keep them on their toes! Good luck, y’all! With the closets and the men that is….

I think I’ll start with these cuties I saw at Kohl’s last week!




On the Road Again

So, our stay in Iowa is coming to an end. I’m enjoying the fall, but it’ll soon be blistering cold with snow. Not ideal if you full-time in an RV, which as you know, we do. I didn’t get to work for Kohl’s here because their hiring process is SLOW! My orientation was scheduled for one week before we leave! Not happening here but hopefully at our next location, which will probably be either Texas or Arizona. I see my doctor next week and then we’re off. Iowa will be a permanent stop because of my doctors and we’ll probably be back in the spring. Anyway, I am working part-time at a nursing home and talk about “customer service.” They can be fussy, but I don’t blame them. They earned that right and hell, we’ll all be there one day, sooner or later.

Fashion is limited for these folks and going out to shop for something new is usually not an option. I would love to get the ladies together and go to the Tanger Outlet Mall! What a blast that would be! It would be like having a vehicle loaded with my grandmother and her buds! (May she rest in peace.)

I’m not allowed to take pics inside the home, privacy issues, so I can’t show you some elderly style! Which I would love to do, but suffice it to say, some of the ladies definitely rock their style! I’d love to see what they wear for the holidays and hopefully they have family nearby to celebrate with them. I have to tell you about Bob. What a hoot he is! He rocks Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirts and a brown cowboy hat! His personality matches his clothes! Definitely young at heart, bless him!

He rides on his steel horse with beer in hand! I hope he never gets old! Keep smiling!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different personal style, from the very young to the very old. No one is “wrong” and not everyone follows the trends. To each their own I’ve always believed. Yeah, some people do not know how to dress, mismatched colors or the absolute wrong shoes, but hey no one is perfect and who are we to say? Kudos to all who rock their style regardless of what anyone else thinks. Not everyone can be a fashion model or have a bottomless bank account, so be kind!

Cobain Wannabe’s


Will someone PLEASE show this Kurt Cobain wannabe how to dress?!! Grunge is gone and Kurt he will NEVER be, period. Yeah, he was cute back when he was 14, but now, not so much. I know my nephews cringe at the mention of his name and my nieces are NOT fans. Their aunt won’t allow it! Hopefully, their parents too. Another guy who’s taste is questionable is Kanye!

These guys have money and one even “owns” his own fashion line, yet their taste in clothes is horrendous! Plus, what they wear on the street, they wear onstage?!  Class acts they are not, especially when they wear what they wear. How is anyone to take these guys seriously when they present themselves this way? I don’t get it?! People tend to judge you by what you are wearing, like if you take pride in yourself or not. It’s all in the presentation.

I’ll never forget the time that I waltzed into my grandmother’s home before church one Sunday morning. The shirt-tail left out under the sweater look was trending and I liked it! Well my grandmother took one look at me and said, “Tuck in that shirt! I will not have any grand-daughter of mine look sloppy like this, especially in church.” Something of that nature. I’ll never forget it! At least she cared enough to prevent me from looking like an idiot. Out with my friends was fine, but not in her presence. I get it now.

I am guilty of running a quick errand in sweat pants and sweat shirt and sadly yes, even on a flight, but I’m not in the public eye, so to speak. I am all about casual comfort, much to my better-half’s chagrin. I am trying to not be so nonchalant about my casual appearance and actually dress more, and I hate the word, “appropriately.” Eewwww!!

Now, Vanessa Hudgens dresses casually chic and I love her style! I should emulate her more often! I know my better-half would be thrilled! LOVE the jacket! I’d definitely wear the pants too!





Dare to be Different

Sometimes one has to abandon their comfort zone for the sake of style…! I DARE You!! OWN it!!
Dare to be Different



Baggy jeans
$24 –

Gucci blue shoes
$875 –

WithChic wool hat
$15 –

Cat-eye glasses
$360 –


Taylor’s Crew

Look what Taylor Swift was rockin’ at the Kings of Leon concert Wednesday night in NYC! I would definitely wear this, no question!

tmp_18670-taylor-parties-with-squad-in-nyc03123mytext-1392884651tmp_18670-taylor-parties-with-squad-in-nyc00403mytext-2052537013I love the black number she’s wearing, but oh, those boots rock!! The bomber jacket is sweet too!! I love boots and jackets! Whatever is underneath is not as important to me, as long as it’s comfy and looks good. Black is my fave color when it comes to clothes and cars!

It would be fun to be part of her crew for just one night! Especially the pre-event prep. Can you imagine what fun it would be putting on outfits and make-up together with these gals?! Priceless!!

Hurricanes and Clothes


UK Daily Mail

This is what a hurricane looks like….Displaced people and pets not knowing what awaits them when the storm finally passes. Will they have a home to go to? Will they have food or water? Will they have any clothes left?

I am lying in bed listening to the wind howl and shake our RV and wondering if the nearby river will spill into our park?! Our boxer Daisy is terrified and we wonder if she knows something we don’t? Animals have an uncanny sense of prediction. I have spent many years in the Midwest and am all too familiar with floods and tornadoes. I have seen the damage up close and personal. My better-half spent 10 years in Miami and lived through a half dozen or so hurricanes. Wilma comes to mind. I have heard the terrifying stories of darkness, empty store shelves, sitting in the dark on edge and the running outside to re-nail plywood to a living room window that has come apart. Having windows covered for what seemed like forever, in order to protect property, for an entire season. Times that most of us only have nightmares about. Some people live these nightmares.

Us lucky ones, who only see the destruction in pictures and videos, should be thinking about what we have in our closets that we can give to those unfortunate enough to be in the storm’s path. This includes countries like Haiti that have been utterly destroyed. A donation of a pair of jeans, shorts, tees and tennis shoes would go a long way in helping those who stand to lose everything; and of good quality, goes without saying. Search your plastic tubs for items that you can give. Don’t be selfish, remember, they could lose everything, while we hoard what we think we can’t live without. Donate, donate, donate! I will also comply with my words here today. Also, if you work at a clothes store of any kind, be pro-active and discuss what YOU can do!! I don’t know how many will read this, but I feel that we all need to do something and I am playing a part no matter how small?!

My better-half has a good friend in Melbourne, FL. She owns a ranch and takes in orphaned animals. Last I heard, Melbourne was to be hit with 108 mph winds?! Count your blessings as we will be. Our next road trip my very well be to the ranch in Florida….



Closet for the Road

My better-half found the RV with THE largest closet: 2016 DRV LUXURY SUITES Mobile Suites 39 DBRS3.  My mouth dropped open and I was completely smitten!  I could actually let him use part of it! Well, at least 80/20! He sighed as I told him about his 20%, while I was feeling good about my “generosity.” Hopefully I’ll be able to start filling up something like this again.

When I embarked on this RV life, I had to get rid of a lot of clothes and boots. At first, I kept them in a nearby storage unit. After four months of being in a storage unit, I gave them to a local “clothes bank” since I don’t like to see anything go to waste. If I couldn’t keep them then there would be someone else that could use them. Many of the items still had price tags attached and I won’t give anything that’s trashed. I love to shop at thrift shops, but not if they accept anything and everything regardless of its’ condition. You can find gems in these shops! Many women have clothes that, when they bought them, they couldn’t live without. Yet, months later, those clothes they couldn’t live without still hung in their closet with the price tags still attached. Been there, done that!

Here are a few items I would definitely put in my closet (Demi, J-Lo, Vanessa & Hailey):

And these from Kohl’s and Dillard’s:

This is just for starters and definitely not all!



Refresh at British Vogue


British Vogue has won me over! American Vogue, not at all! “A Model Free Zone” is a great idea by the British editor:

British Vogue Debuts “Model-Free” Issue [British Vogue]
Upon picking up a copy of British Vogue’s November issue, which features Emily Blunt on the cover, readers might notice there’s one major fashion magazine element missing: the models. The glossy has declared the issue a “model-free zone,” instead choosing to outfit “real” women — including CEOs and academics — to wear designer labels. Editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman stated that she made the decision because “there is still a stigma attached to clearly enjoying how you look and experimenting with it if you are a woman in the public eye and not in the fashion or entertainment business.” Shulman wants to shake the idea that an interest in fashion is frivolous.  Pret-A-Reporter

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the real models, just not the young, privileged wannabe’s (Kendall, Hailey, Gigi…)! Mixing real with “fantasy” is okay (Cindy Crawford), just not real with “plastics” (Kendall). Does that make sense?  I want someone I can relate to. Someone real.

I know that publishers rule when it comes to what goes in a “product,” NOT the “editors.” Editors are the figureheads, that’s all. I know this because I started out as a reporter after college and the things I learned turned me away from the industry. It’s not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. My experience was on a much smaller scale then something like Vogue, but the bigger the players, the higher the score and “tampering” to meet the goals of a very elite minority. Last time I checked doesn’t the majority rule? Ha! Not hardly!

The thing is, I have young nieces and I don’t want them to get caught up in all this falseness and  lack of attainability. Hell yeah, I want to take them shopping and share the latest gossip, but the question is, at what price? They need to be able to differentiate between reality and fantasy and yes, still have fun with it. A fine line. I want to have fun with fashion and see the latest trends, but I’m my own person and I know that what works for one may not work for me and that’s okay. I guess that’s what I want my nieces to know. In high school I risked my health with unhealthy diets and in college spent money I didn’t have so I could have the latest and greatest. Not cool.

Anyway, I applaud British Vogue for doing this even if it is a one-time deal. Let’s get back to some sense of “normality” and to more of what is real.

Having a blast with “Midnight Facials!”














Robbed in Paris??!

Kardashian robbed…oh the horror…NOT!!!

Okay, so somebody got “robbed in Paris?!” This is a blog about fashion and style, so I’ve got to say something. I scanned the Daily Mail and of course everyone in the world has heard about the KK robbery. I laughed as I read the headlines and the what, 7,000 or so, comments so far. They basically all said what I did: EITHER THIS IS A PR STUNT OR THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU FLAUNT YOUR WEALTH AND POST NAKED PICS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s funny, not HAHA, that people from all over the world have nothing good to say. I learned at a young age that there are two “riches,” the old and the new. The new flaunt, flaunt and flaunt, while the old keep quiet and you would never know they were wealthy just by looking at them. Old is definitely better!!!  Our society, I’m speaking the U.S. here, is so caught up in this crap that it is laughable. Come on people, get f-ing lives!! Yeah, I’m writing about it and I have let myself get caught up in it in the past, but you live and learn, hopefully. Unfortunately, these “celebrities” will NOT learn!! This will be spun by the PAID media to make it like we should feel sorry for these “poor” attention and money seeking dweebs!! How sad. What a sad commentary on our society.

I have two young nieces who don’t need to be exposed to this crap and I would show them and tell them how not to be sucked in and to follow their own roads not ones laid out by social media and the like. I trust their mom and dad will not shield them, but let them see what an empty road these “celebrities” will lead them down. They are much too good hearted to fall into this trap. It’s fine to want to keep up on the latest fashion trends and feel confident in yourself, but not to the point that it becomes this nightmare of a life!! I love fashion, much to my better-half’s disdain, but I love putting on a new pair of booties, Levi jeans and an oversized men’s sweater, just like a lot of women. Yet, I can spend just as much time in a library or bookstore as I can shopping! What a concept!!

I’m not going to go on and on, believe me I could, but I’m no expert on life, far from it. I just see things and I need to vent. God gave me the gift of the written word and nothing of the spoken word, if that makes sense. I had a boyfriend tell me that if I had something to say to him that I should write it all down cuz I sucked at trying to verbally express myself?!! Take what you want from this, I’ve had my say!