Robbed in Paris??!

Kardashian robbed…oh the horror…NOT!!!

Okay, so somebody got “robbed in Paris?!” This is a blog about fashion and style, so I’ve got to say something. I scanned the Daily Mail and of course everyone in the world has heard about the KK robbery. I laughed as I read the headlines and the what, 7,000 or so, comments so far. They basically all said what I did: EITHER THIS IS A PR STUNT OR THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU FLAUNT YOUR WEALTH AND POST NAKED PICS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s funny, not HAHA, that people from all over the world have nothing good to say. I learned at a young age that there are two “riches,” the old and the new. The new flaunt, flaunt and flaunt, while the old keep quiet and you would never know they were wealthy just by looking at them. Old is definitely better!!!  Our society, I’m speaking the U.S. here, is so caught up in this crap that it is laughable. Come on people, get f-ing lives!! Yeah, I’m writing about it and I have let myself get caught up in it in the past, but you live and learn, hopefully. Unfortunately, these “celebrities” will NOT learn!! This will be spun by the PAID media to make it like we should feel sorry for these “poor” attention and money seeking dweebs!! How sad. What a sad commentary on our society.

I have two young nieces who don’t need to be exposed to this crap and I would show them and tell them how not to be sucked in and to follow their own roads not ones laid out by social media and the like. I trust their mom and dad will not shield them, but let them see what an empty road these “celebrities” will lead them down. They are much too good hearted to fall into this trap. It’s fine to want to keep up on the latest fashion trends and feel confident in yourself, but not to the point that it becomes this nightmare of a life!! I love fashion, much to my better-half’s disdain, but I love putting on a new pair of booties, Levi jeans and an oversized men’s sweater, just like a lot of women. Yet, I can spend just as much time in a library or bookstore as I can shopping! What a concept!!

I’m not going to go on and on, believe me I could, but I’m no expert on life, far from it. I just see things and I need to vent. God gave me the gift of the written word and nothing of the spoken word, if that makes sense. I had a boyfriend tell me that if I had something to say to him that I should write it all down cuz I sucked at trying to verbally express myself?!! Take what you want from this, I’ve had my say!



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