Closet for the Road

My better-half found the RV with THE largest closet: 2016 DRV LUXURY SUITES Mobile Suites 39 DBRS3.  My mouth dropped open and I was completely smitten!  I could actually let him use part of it! Well, at least 80/20! He sighed as I told him about his 20%, while I was feeling good about my “generosity.” Hopefully I’ll be able to start filling up something like this again.

When I embarked on this RV life, I had to get rid of a lot of clothes and boots. At first, I kept them in a nearby storage unit. After four months of being in a storage unit, I gave them to a local “clothes bank” since I don’t like to see anything go to waste. If I couldn’t keep them then there would be someone else that could use them. Many of the items still had price tags attached and I won’t give anything that’s trashed. I love to shop at thrift shops, but not if they accept anything and everything regardless of its’ condition. You can find gems in these shops! Many women have clothes that, when they bought them, they couldn’t live without. Yet, months later, those clothes they couldn’t live without still hung in their closet with the price tags still attached. Been there, done that!

Here are a few items I would definitely put in my closet (Demi, J-Lo, Vanessa & Hailey):

And these from Kohl’s and Dillard’s:

This is just for starters and definitely not all!




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