Hurricanes and Clothes


UK Daily Mail

This is what a hurricane looks like….Displaced people and pets not knowing what awaits them when the storm finally passes. Will they have a home to go to? Will they have food or water? Will they have any clothes left?

I am lying in bed listening to the wind howl and shake our RV and wondering if the nearby river will spill into our park?! Our boxer Daisy is terrified and we wonder if she knows something we don’t? Animals have an uncanny sense of prediction. I have spent many years in the Midwest and am all too familiar with floods and tornadoes. I have seen the damage up close and personal. My better-half spent 10 years in Miami and lived through a half dozen or so hurricanes. Wilma comes to mind. I have heard the terrifying stories of darkness, empty store shelves, sitting in the dark on edge and the running outside to re-nail plywood to a living room window that has come apart. Having windows covered for what seemed like forever, in order to protect property, for an entire season. Times that most of us only have nightmares about. Some people live these nightmares.

Us lucky ones, who only see the destruction in pictures and videos, should be thinking about what we have in our closets that we can give to those unfortunate enough to be in the storm’s path. This includes countries like Haiti that have been utterly destroyed. A donation of a pair of jeans, shorts, tees and tennis shoes would go a long way in helping those who stand to lose everything; and of good quality, goes without saying. Search your plastic tubs for items that you can give. Don’t be selfish, remember, they could lose everything, while we hoard what we think we can’t live without. Donate, donate, donate! I will also comply with my words here today. Also, if you work at a clothes store of any kind, be pro-active and discuss what YOU can do!! I don’t know how many will read this, but I feel that we all need to do something and I am playing a part no matter how small?!

My better-half has a good friend in Melbourne, FL. She owns a ranch and takes in orphaned animals. Last I heard, Melbourne was to be hit with 108 mph winds?! Count your blessings as we will be. Our next road trip my very well be to the ranch in Florida….




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