Cobain Wannabe’s


Will someone PLEASE show this Kurt Cobain wannabe how to dress?!! Grunge is gone and Kurt he will NEVER be, period. Yeah, he was cute back when he was 14, but now, not so much. I know my nephews cringe at the mention of his name and my nieces are NOT fans. Their aunt won’t allow it! Hopefully, their parents too. Another guy who’s taste is questionable is Kanye!

These guys have money and one even “owns” his own fashion line, yet their taste in clothes is horrendous! Plus, what they wear on the street, they wear onstage?!  Class acts they are not, especially when they wear what they wear. How is anyone to take these guys seriously when they present themselves this way? I don’t get it?! People tend to judge you by what you are wearing, like if you take pride in yourself or not. It’s all in the presentation.

I’ll never forget the time that I waltzed into my grandmother’s home before church one Sunday morning. The shirt-tail left out under the sweater look was trending and I liked it! Well my grandmother took one look at me and said, “Tuck in that shirt! I will not have any grand-daughter of mine look sloppy like this, especially in church.” Something of that nature. I’ll never forget it! At least she cared enough to prevent me from looking like an idiot. Out with my friends was fine, but not in her presence. I get it now.

I am guilty of running a quick errand in sweat pants and sweat shirt and sadly yes, even on a flight, but I’m not in the public eye, so to speak. I am all about casual comfort, much to my better-half’s chagrin. I am trying to not be so nonchalant about my casual appearance and actually dress more, and I hate the word, “appropriately.” Eewwww!!

Now, Vanessa Hudgens dresses casually chic and I love her style! I should emulate her more often! I know my better-half would be thrilled! LOVE the jacket! I’d definitely wear the pants too!






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