On the Road Again

So, our stay in Iowa is coming to an end. I’m enjoying the fall, but it’ll soon be blistering cold with snow. Not ideal if you full-time in an RV, which as you know, we do. I didn’t get to work for Kohl’s here because their hiring process is SLOW! My orientation was scheduled for one week before we leave! Not happening here but hopefully at our next location, which will probably be either Texas or Arizona. I see my doctor next week and then we’re off. Iowa will be a permanent stop because of my doctors and we’ll probably be back in the spring. Anyway, I am working part-time at a nursing home and talk about “customer service.” They can be fussy, but I don’t blame them. They earned that right and hell, we’ll all be there one day, sooner or later.

Fashion is limited for these folks and going out to shop for something new is usually not an option. I would love to get the ladies together and go to the Tanger Outlet Mall! What a blast that would be! It would be like having a vehicle loaded with my grandmother and her buds! (May she rest in peace.)

I’m not allowed to take pics inside the home, privacy issues, so I can’t show you some elderly style! Which I would love to do, but suffice it to say, some of the ladies definitely rock their style! I’d love to see what they wear for the holidays and hopefully they have family nearby to celebrate with them. I have to tell you about Bob. What a hoot he is! He rocks Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirts and a brown cowboy hat! His personality matches his clothes! Definitely young at heart, bless him!

He rides on his steel horse with beer in hand! I hope he never gets old! Keep smiling!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different personal style, from the very young to the very old. No one is “wrong” and not everyone follows the trends. To each their own I’ve always believed. Yeah, some people do not know how to dress, mismatched colors or the absolute wrong shoes, but hey no one is perfect and who are we to say? Kudos to all who rock their style regardless of what anyone else thinks. Not everyone can be a fashion model or have a bottomless bank account, so be kind!


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