Cleaning out my Closet

When I hear “cleaning out my closet,” I think Eminem. Loved that song! Anyway, I ran across this in the Daily Mail about a stylist in England. Quite interesting knowing that I had to do this myself when I decided to live out on the road and full-time in an RV. I don’t regret my decision, not by a long shot, but yes I admit it: I am a clothes and shoes hoarder! Oh, the horror! LOL!

Cleaning out your closet

I guess changing my lifestyle was my rehab. It wasn’t easy, but I did and do need to rethink my wardrobe now and start all over. Damn, that means I have to go shopping to get the items I now know I must have to compliment my lifestyle. Yes, clean out my closet one more time and then fill it back up with what I need. Yea!

Just talking about it drives my better-half crazy, but hey, he doesn’t understand this clothes/shoes thing us women have! Before he met me, after he started RVing full-time (his wife passed, cancer, and he was alone in a huge house), he went out and bought what he needed. Fifteen pairs of the same jeans, boring, shelves of pocket tee’s, light and heavy jackets (one of each) and drawers full of boxers and socks – ALL THE SAME – can you say “YAWN?!!” He claims it’s all he needs?! Oh, and he only “needs” two pairs of shoes, according to him.

Welcome to my world! He doesn’t understand why I need different styles, colors and different outfits for different occasions. And don’t bring up shoes and purses, oh my! Very few men “get it.” I see I have to break him in and I hear that from a lot of women I meet on the road! So I’m a little “high maintenance,” he’ll learn! LOL!

We come from different backgrounds, but who doesn’t? I always thought it would be boring to marry the “boy next door” anyway. It’s never a dull moment here! Gotta keep them on their toes! Good luck, y’all! With the closets and the men that is….

I think I’ll start with these cuties I saw at Kohl’s last week!




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