Fashion and Tomorrows?!

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Fashion is not Political



Oh Brother, Fashion Too?!

Good for Nordstrom! They shot down those who want to dump a fashion line for stupid reasons!

Nordstrom has hit back at calls to boycott the store over their sales of Ivanka Trump’s ‘toxic’ brand. 

Last week, a loyal Nordstrom shopper’s open letter the department store calling for them to drop the line went viral. 

The woman, named only as Laura on Twitter, had implored the store to reconsider selling Ivanka’s products over the businesswoman’s continued support for her father despite the mounting sexual harassment allegations against him.

Now Nordstrom has responded to the viral letter, saying it has no plans to pull the brand and they will continue to allow customers ‘to choices about what they purchase based on personal views.’

The Daily Mail

Now, I despise politics (corruption) and I avoid it most of the time, but I had to say something here. I’ve always believed to each her own. As long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights, then they can go for it!! Yet, as usual, someone has to take that last step and goes too far. I’m sorry that you don’t like a person or product, but hey, I do and I want to buy it for me. WTF does fashion have to do with someone’s political stance?! Guess what, NOTHING!! Wake up “Laura!” Or whatever your name is!

Some of my best friends from college do not have the same political beliefs as I do, but it doesn’t make us enemies and I do not hold anything against them for it!! “LIVE AND LET LIVE,” for God’s sake!!  Pick up your toys and leave the sandbox if you don’t like something. No skin off my back.

This woman and others like her have to really get lives! Please! Just because you don’t like so and so, doesn’t mean I don’t like them too. It’s my perogative! Do these women have lives? Or are they “kept” by rich men. If they are, hey, more power to you, but find something more productive to do and don’t tread on others’ personal preferences!

You go Nordstrom’s! And in the meantime, I will go to Nordstrom’s (in Phoenix) and buy something with Ivanka’s name on it! It’s my right! Vote for whomever you want, I don’t care, but leave the fashion alone and shop somewhere else!! Geez!!