This is for my nieces, Autumn and McKenna, and all their friends. I guarantee all their parents would probably agree. I ran across these in the Daily Mail this morning. Check it out:

Bella: Do we really need to see it all?! All I have to say is eeeeewwwwwww!!


Cindy: Class act! Cindy proves that you do not have to show it all!!


Who remembers this iconic ad? Priceless!! A REAL super-model!!

Cindy and Pepsi, Superbowl 1992….

Okay, so I’m being a little ‘old-fashioned’ here, but come on. I love trying out different styles and looks and love being edgy and taking risks, but you’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Right?! (Yes, CC posed for Playboy, but she didn’t strut naked in public.)

That’s how I see it and there will be those who disagree with me, but hey, that’s what is great about our country, you can agree to disagree!! You don’t have to physically attack those who don’t agree, Eh Hem….We are all just human after all. Or I may just be talking out my ass?!

Oh well, whatever, nevermind…(K. Cobain)




Okay, let’s play ‘this or that?’ Who do you respect more or even at all? I do believe it is quite obvious, but go ahead and I’ll let you choose:




To make it easier, I’ll narrow it down to just two choices:

melania madonna-clarifies-womens-march-comments-03

Have you made your choice? There’s no right or wrong choice, it’s all in how you see the world around you and who you want to represent you. But really, who would you take seriously?

Appearance can sometimes make or break a ‘movement’ and remember the old adage about “first impressions are everything?” Because they are!!

When you’re 18 or 22, dressing ‘funky’ and ‘wild’ is fine if you’re still in school and experimenting, but when you are 58 and 46 (respectfully) and want to ‘rule the world,’ it’s a totally different story. Some people just need to grow-up and get over themselves, period.


Marching For….?

This Women’s March in D.C. baffles me. They are definitely marching to the beat of a different drum…NOT MY DRkendallUM!! I am an educated, well-traveled white woman and I don’t get it. Sorry Madonna, but I’m not from your planet! Far from it, as a matter of fact. It also turns out that you’re NOT so smart either!

This recent pic of Kendall Jenner: Is this what these women celebrities are marching for? Is this how they represent themselves? I remember when Madonna was a newbie and dressed pretty much like this. So, are they fighting for the right to walk half-naked in public? To riddle their bodies with tat’s and various piercings? Go for it! To each their own I’ve always believed.  Just don’t march and think you’re speaking for all of us women.

I was a young liberal once, but I grew up after learning the truth about life. I’ve seen and have done a lot of shit. I’m still learning, as a matter of fact. I meet new people, in new places all of the time and everyone is different. I wouldn’t dream of trying to speak for the women I meet. We are all so different and that’s cool. Yet, celebrities think they speak for us all. That they are smarter and more worldly. No, they don’t live with us, they live in a fairy-tale world. They forget where they came from, unless you’re a Kendall or Gigi and already come from money, which doesn’t make them any smarter either.

Yes, I love reading all the gossip and seeing all the fashion trends, but I can differentiate between real and make-believe. For example, try wearing Kendall’s outfit (above) in your little corner of the world and see what kind of reaction you get. You’ll probably get frowned upon. Oh, you’ll get all the guys’ attention for sure, but it won’t be for the right reasons. Far from it!

I don’t want my nieces being inspired by this. I don’t want them to get the wrong message that celebrities like Kendall and Madonna are selling. Celebrities can wear and say what they want, but don’t think you’re speaking for us all; that your celebrity gives you some kind of power over us or that you are more intelligent.

Here is something that I ran across today:

Who is Behind this “Woman’s March?”

“Things that make you go hmmmmm….” Just sayin’.



Gearing Up for 2017

I have business attire for meetings, short skirts and boots for rockin’ into the night and jeans for my casual, laid-back style. There is one area I need to update and it is my mountain biking fashion.

Yes, I want to be stylin’ on the trails, no matter how much I sweat and the right clothes make for a comfortable and colorful ride. This includes everything from the helmet to the socks and shoes. It’s more about the exercise and scenery, but the biking outfits are fun and make a statement about what kind of rider you are. Right now I ride black and red and want to update to pinks and purples! It can be done with sites like ZOIC Clothing, Shredly, Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist and REI.

It all comes down to looking good while staying in shape and having FUN! Give it a try! Oh,  don’t forget the bike and protective equipment and head out to the trails, IN STYLE!