Gearing Up for 2017

I have business attire for meetings, short skirts and boots for rockin’ into the night and jeans for my casual, laid-back style. There is one area I need to update and it is my mountain biking fashion.

Yes, I want to be stylin’ on the trails, no matter how much I sweat and the right clothes make for a comfortable and colorful ride. This includes everything from the helmet to the socks and shoes. It’s more about the exercise and scenery, but the biking outfits are fun and make a statement about what kind of rider you are. Right now I ride black and red and want to update to pinks and purples! It can be done with sites like ZOIC Clothing, Shredly, Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist and REI.

It all comes down to looking good while staying in shape and having FUN! Give it a try! Oh,  don’t forget the bike and protective equipment and head out to the trails, IN STYLE!


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