Okay, let’s play ‘this or that?’ Who do you respect more or even at all? I do believe it is quite obvious, but go ahead and I’ll let you choose:




To make it easier, I’ll narrow it down to just two choices:

melania madonna-clarifies-womens-march-comments-03

Have you made your choice? There’s no right or wrong choice, it’s all in how you see the world around you and who you want to represent you. But really, who would you take seriously?

Appearance can sometimes make or break a ‘movement’ and remember the old adage about “first impressions are everything?” Because they are!!

When you’re 18 or 22, dressing ‘funky’ and ‘wild’ is fine if you’re still in school and experimenting, but when you are 58 and 46 (respectfully) and want to ‘rule the world,’ it’s a totally different story. Some people just need to grow-up and get over themselves, period.



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