It’s Not Just About the Toys

Shopping is shopping, but today we did some awesome shopping! Not clothes, but toys:


None of these would be the best part, though. The very best part is going to be the colorful safety clothes and helmet I would buy. While he was looking mostly at these, I was going over what I would wear!!

I’m an ‘online content creator’. Fancy name for a freelance writer. Also, I am an ex-journalist, emphasis on ‘ex’! And with all the crazy ass crap going on in our ‘media’ with our politics, it was nice to go out and act like all was okay. Even though I’m no longer a ‘journalist,’ I am drawn into the crazy stuff still, even though I try not to.

I left journalism behind and now, today, I am ashamed to say that I was involved in ‘that world.’ I knew, when I got into it after college, that it wasn’t all that. It was all about the bottom dollar. Making something out of nothing. It was all about the shock factor and sensationalization. DRAMA!! Well, that is what we’ve got now, unfortunately. Makes me want to go way up into the mountains and leave all this shit behind. Life is too short for this!!

The only problem is, I have young nieces and nephews that deserve a better world than this. If my writing can somehow make it better for them, then I have to fight!! Not for the insanity, but for normalcy. How? I don’t really know just yet, but time is not on my side, because of my ‘broke down’ body.

Anyway, today was cool. I will pick out an outfit with pink in it! Pink, black and white will be my colors! There’s nothing like shopping for an outfit, for a specific purpose like this and I cannot wait to start!!

Shop ’til you drop!!




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