OMG!!! The more I see of humankind, the more I want to take my chances in the wild! Nature is pure and nothing is grey, it’s all black and white. There is a hierarchy that is respected and followed. No if’s, and’s or but’s!


Everybody wants to rule the world, but guess what, we’re all in this together and there is no perfect system. If you don’t like the way things are run, go somewhere else. Don’t stay and bitch. PICK UP YOUR TOYS AND GO TO A DIFFERENT SANDBOX!!

Man or woman up, lick your wounds and go on your way.  Liberal’s and Conservative’s need to get over themselves and MOVE ON!! A liberal was ruler for 8 long years, now it’s a conservative’s turn for 8 long years. Remember ‘taking turns’ in elementary school?! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!

I love fashion and music and movies! They used to be places of escape, but now, oh no, can’t have that, now can we?!! There is no escape! CAN WE ENJOY ANYTHING ANYMORE?!! And BTW, what makes YOU an expert when it’s NOT even your playing field?!

I am, like many others, fed up!! The only reason I’m even speaking on these ‘issues’ is that I have nieces and nephews that deserve their chance at life and their chance to make up their own minds about things, but right now they are busy with school!! They have real lives and deserve better than us ADULTS running around sayin, ‘No it’s my way, no you can’t say/do that, it’s mine…blah, blah and BLAH!!

I’ve always believed and still do, ‘To each their own.’ Live life the way you want and I’ll live the way I want. Everybody get to your own corners for a TIME OUT!!

If you want such and such, then go to such and such place and quit thinking your way is better!! As my nephew said at age 3, ‘NOT NICE!!’

Yes, I got caught up in the, ‘my way is better’ crap, but not anymore, because I’m better than this! And I am picking up my toys and going to a different sand box.





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