So, did not want to post this, so I’m doing it here. I am a ‘reporter’ for them, at least until last night?!


Sweden: A Raping of European Culture and its’ Women

Sweden has come to the forefront of the notorious ‘main stream media’ (MSM). This was brought to light by POTUS Trump in his speech, last Friday night in Melbourne, FL. As Tucker Carlson, Fox’s news star said, and I paraphrase: Yes the president should know what he is saying, but come on. The media jumped all over this instead of looking at what is really happening. Sweden and all of Europe are under siege….

Europe and their women are paying the highest price, and Sweden is no exception. The Muslim immigrants are trying to take over in Europe and it begs the question if Europe had ‘bitten off more than they could chew’ when opening their borders to these refugees? Rape has run rampant in Sweden and all of Europe.

A Swedish woman was recently raped by three Afghan immigrants who posted it live on Facebook.This has gone far enough and something has to be done. European streets are no longer safe, especially for their women.

France has also been hit hard. In the last year, there were two terrorist attacks: Paris and Nice. The question is not IF there will be another terrorist attack, but WHEN it will happen. Why has the media remained silent? How many more rapes and protests must be ‘tolerated?’

Like Sweden, all women are coming to the realization that ‘enough is enough.’

Sweden and All of Europe’s Greatest Mistake. Trump’s Lesson for Americans: Learn from This

Rape of culture and women is why Conservative America does not want Muslim Immigrants. The U.S. spoke loud and clear when we chose Trump to be our president. His platform, MAGA, included ending the mass migration of Muslim immigrants so we could remain safe: 9/11, ‘We will never forget.’

If Europe has major problems with these Muslim Immigrants, rape, and violent protests, then it goes without saying, we would too. Educated women, like myself, can see the trouble that this would bring if we let these immigrants in without serious vetting.

Swedish women have born the brunt of the onslaught of Muslim males raping white women. Trump and conservative women can see this, so why can’t everyone? Strict vetting would keep the criminals, illegals, and ISIS out. America IS about ‘immigrants,’ and those truly suffering, who are law abiding citizens are fine, but the trash must be put out and kept out!

American women do not want to end up live-streamed on Facebook being raped by Muslim immigrants, PERIOD!







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