Fashion Police

Days Gone By

When was in my twenties and there was ‘social injustice’ going on, I did one or all of the following:

  • Barricade myself in my room and blast my boom box
  • Take a long drive, again blaring the car stereo
  • Take off on my mountain bike, blaring my cassette player
  • Write a scathing editorial to the local newspaper, which actually got published

It was the seventies, eighties, and nineties (including 9/11). We understood that it was no longer the sixties and knew our place. Today, SJW’s and feminists are trying to recreate the sixties. Guess what?! The sixties are way over!!

I was busy trying to figure myself and my life out. Yes, the world was a ‘not so nice place’ at times, but I had dreams and made up my own mind about what I saw or heard. If someone had a differing opinion, hell, that was their prerogative. It didn’t make them a racist, misogynic or a ‘hater.’ We respected others’ opinions and their right to free speech.

Yes, there was the Iran hostage crisis, LA riots and OJ Simpson trial among other atrocities:

  • Ethnic cleansing in the Croatian War
  • Killing fields of Cambodia
  • PLO
  • Iraq & the Kurds
  • Tiananmen square China
  • Rwandan genocide – Tutsi v. Hutu
  • Oklahoma City
  • 9/11

Just to point out a few ‘injustices.’

We didn’t march in the streets with ridiculous bandanas covering our cowardly faces and dressed in all black. Yes, we questioned everything, especially authority. I actually had a t-shirt that said ‘question authority’ on front and back.


I considered myself a product of Title 9, passed in 1972. This was my feminist ‘struggle.’ It allowed girls to play the same sports as boys and even with the boys. This had to happen in order for a school to get Federal assistance. This was paramount, back in the day.

My ‘lofty’ goal was to either be a quarterback or wide receiver on a football team. I had the raw talent and moves to do so. I would go out in the backyard and throw the football through a tire swing or run and catch passes. It was great! I loved and played all sports!

There wasn’t cable TV or computers and video games just yet. It was heading in that direction, but we played sports, read books and basically let our imaginations run wild!

We had dreams and schoolyard crushes. We had first kisses, Homecoming, soccer matches and the ACT/SAT. WE HAD REAL LIVES!!

We worried about getting into college, having a major, and becoming self-reliant adults. We wanted to become something. We wanted to change the world, but also knew that it would take a good dose of blood, sweat, and tears. We knew nothing came easily and that the best things in life were NOT free!  You had to work for what you wanted, PERIOD!

We loved our country and flew our flag proudly. If we didn’t like something, we worked to change it and it did NOT change overnight. We went through the proper channels and had respect for the system, although we didn’t agree with it all the time.

If we didn’t like the President or Congress and were at least eighteen, we VOTED, not RIOTED! We might’ve not liked the system, but we RESPECTED IT!!

If we didn’t like the current President, we waited our turn until the next election, in four years. Until then, we lived life and temporarily forgot about our injustices. We realized that we only have one life, one chance, and time waited for no one.

We looked to the night sky, dreamed our dreams and waited for our time to shine.



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