Fashion and music go hand in hand and is all about STYLE!! Style is about the expression of self and about To Each His/Her Own, which I believe in 110%. Freddie Mercury (RIP), from the rock group QUEEN, was true to himself and his vision. This YouTube clip says it all. Remove the flashy guitars and drums (noise), and you have this….

And, if I may, lends us an anthem. An anthem against all those who wish others harm and chose not to believe in: To each their own.

Each individual takes their own meaning, but for me, it’s: Those who wish harm on the USA, whether it be from inside or outside our borders, we are still the: Champions, of the world!!

You live as you want and I will live as I want and if you try to force us or another into your vision, style, what have you, we will be there. Not to force you to live like us, but to keep you within your boundaries.





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