Fashionista & The Nipple

I’m not sure what to say…I have two ‘fashionista’ nieces, who are growing up and figuring out who they will be. Such is the life of a pre-teen and just barely teen. They have different styles and love to shop!! The younger one is like me and loves to shop and try different styles and loves color. The older one is more rocker chic and goes for the more subdued look with all black.

I am a Generation X’er and live and look younger than my typical counterparts. I love ball caps, even owned the X cap (Malcolm) during the LA riots. Caps are my favorite way of expressing myself. I’ve always been “socially conscience,” but these ‘millennials’ are way out of control, and the pics of Kendall are part of that.

And what’s up with these rioters with their all-black, bandana covering face look? Please!! It’s like a bunch of ‘mini me’s’ running around in a maze.

I have to wear a face mask in public because of my leukemia, and I get looked at sideways. I want to say, “No, I’m NOT one of those!!” It’s sad that I can’t wear certain styles without being questioned as to what am I representing. I represent cancer, thank you very much.

Anyway, I like the ‘shock value’ as much as any wannabe fashionista and Kendall does wear some cool trendy stuff, but this ‘nipple’ thing isn’t really cool. I don’t want my nieces trying to emulate this and hopefully, it’s only a temporary fad. I don’t think it’s ‘cool’ at all. Also, what’s with showing off your derriere?!

I believe in ‘each to their own,’ but this influence isn’t cool, especially when it comes to my nieces. There are more creative ways to express yourself other than showing the whole world what is underneath your clothes.

I don’t think celebrities like Selena Gomez, Venessa Hudgens or Taylor Swift wear clothes like this? I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen it. (Oh, wait a minute, they actually have taste and talent, my bad.)

Your body is your temple and need not be flaunted.



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