Sickening beyond any semblance of…I have no words. You know how you read or watch something and it leads to something else, yada, yada, ya….I’ve heard about this horrific ‘Facebook Live’ stuff but never paid much attention to it. I quit Facebook over a year ago because it SUCKED anymore.

So, murder, rape, and suicide streamed countless times over, and Z(F)uckerberg says he will ‘put more security people on FB Live ‘watch?!’ Yeah, uummm, I have a better idea, GET RID OF IT!!! He stole the idea of FB in the first place, so that makes him a…THIEF! Oopps…I mean ‘alleged thief.’ Sorry, forgot my AP Style training here. So many SJW’s out there, running around like Hitler kids – you know, see something, say something so he could KILL whoever?!

This is what our world has come to?! NO THANKS!! I’ll live in the hills before succumbing to all this crap, thank you, very much. Problem is, I have nieces and nephews to protect. Although their father and step-father are career military, so I know they are being raised right. They are ‘restricted’ as to how much ‘social media’ they use. The insanity HAS to STOP!! With ALL things ‘social!!’


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