This goes out to all the ‘social justice warriors’/fake feminists.

Just sayin’…

I can’t help it I’m on a roll this morning, you know, the ‘I don’t give a crap’ type.

I love fashion, movies, and music, but sometimes it gets out of hand. It’s only my opinion and it’s not all bad, but come on!! You have these ‘women’ who have some crazy ass ideas and all you can do is shake your head sigh, and say to yourself, ‘whatever.’

Sometimes I am ashamed of my ‘gender’, female, that is, and sometimes it’s way too much.

I am NOT a racist, I believe properly vetted immigrants/legals can stay and I believe in ‘equality.’ But, I don’t believe alleged ‘criminals’, female or not, should run this country, period.

I received an education and have a career, just like many of us, so, WTF is THEIR problem?! I’m not OLD or ‘out of touch,’ far from it! I read and watch what is going on and state my opinion. I don’t try and shove my belief’s down others’ throats and if you disagree with me, fine, I love intelligent debates!

I am NOT going to call someone a ‘racist’ because they don’t agree with me, or scream at the top of my lungs for absolutely no good reason (see below).

Now, how is this going to solve anything, really? It says, ‘I am a dumbass and cannot articulate intelligently.’

Has this ‘female’ watched her idiotic display? If it were me and I saw it, I would go to bed, pull the covers over my head and not go out for at least a week, hoping the video would just die a quick and painless (not gonna happen) death.

I feel like screaming all the time because, well, I am tired of all the doctor appointments, pharmaceuticals, bitchy nurses, having needles gouged into my skin and how about just plain being ill. Yet, I don’t?! I write about it and share intelligently. These ‘feminists’ and ‘sjw’s’ should try it?!








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