Marching For….?

This Women’s March in D.C. baffles me. They are definitely marching to the beat of a different drum…NOT MY DRkendallUM!! I am an educated, well-traveled white woman and I don’t get it. Sorry Madonna, but I’m not from your planet! Far from it, as a matter of fact. It also turns out that you’re NOT so smart either!

This recent pic of Kendall Jenner: Is this what these women celebrities are marching for? Is this how they represent themselves? I remember when Madonna was a newbie and dressed pretty much like this. So, are they fighting for the right to walk half-naked in public? To riddle their bodies with tat’s and various piercings? Go for it! To each their own I’ve always believed.  Just don’t march and think you’re speaking for all of us women.

I was a young liberal once, but I grew up after learning the truth about life. I’ve seen and have done a lot of shit. I’m still learning, as a matter of fact. I meet new people, in new places all of the time and everyone is different. I wouldn’t dream of trying to speak for the women I meet. We are all so different and that’s cool. Yet, celebrities think they speak for us all. That they are smarter and more worldly. No, they don’t live with us, they live in a fairy-tale world. They forget where they came from, unless you’re a Kendall or Gigi and already come from money, which doesn’t make them any smarter either.

Yes, I love reading all the gossip and seeing all the fashion trends, but I can differentiate between real and make-believe. For example, try wearing Kendall’s outfit (above) in your little corner of the world and see what kind of reaction you get. You’ll probably get frowned upon. Oh, you’ll get all the guys’ attention for sure, but it won’t be for the right reasons. Far from it!

I don’t want my nieces being inspired by this. I don’t want them to get the wrong message that celebrities like Kendall and Madonna are selling. Celebrities can wear and say what they want, but don’t think you’re speaking for us all; that your celebrity gives you some kind of power over us or that you are more intelligent.

Here is something that I ran across today:

Who is Behind this “Woman’s March?”

“Things that make you go hmmmmm….” Just sayin’.



Gearing Up for 2017

I have business attire for meetings, short skirts and boots for rockin’ into the night and jeans for my casual, laid-back style. There is one area I need to update and it is my mountain biking fashion.

Yes, I want to be stylin’ on the trails, no matter how much I sweat and the right clothes make for a comfortable and colorful ride. This includes everything from the helmet to the socks and shoes. It’s more about the exercise and scenery, but the biking outfits are fun and make a statement about what kind of rider you are. Right now I ride black and red and want to update to pinks and purples! It can be done with sites like ZOIC Clothing, Shredly, Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist and REI.

It all comes down to looking good while staying in shape and having FUN! Give it a try! Oh,  don’t forget the bike and protective equipment and head out to the trails, IN STYLE!

No Need for Snow Boots & Mittens

Here’s how I’m starting off 2017!! These are a few of the items I got for Christmas  (Kohl’s) and I’m ready to rock in the new year with them!! These are my essentials and I will wear them all the time while I rock down the highways and byways. They will be my traveling companions, my staples for my unconventional life; my security blankets, so to speak.

It’s chilly here in Arizona, but nothing like the cold in the states north and east of here. No need for snow boots and mittens here!! Yeah, despite my health “issues” I’m lucky to be able to dodge the bad weather. There may be winter in my bones, but there’s sunshine in my heart. I hope to keep it that way.

Looking to get back into retail, sometime soon, I hope. The biggest season in retail has come and gone. The industry’s push for seasonal help is over, unfortunately. It’ll be tougher to find positions, but I shall prevail. My hubby would prefer that I NOT work with clothes and shoes, but it’s what I love! Guys just don’t understand! (He just doesn’t want me to get any ideas?!) Yeah, our finances are tight, but as long as a girl has her “staples,” she can mix and match, wearing a different outfit for every day of the month!! We can all dream, can’t we?!

Anyway, hope you got your “staples” you wanted/needed this year and here’s to rockin’ your own style into a promising new year!!



Another winter season in Arizona! After my diagnosis, we decided to keep on keeping on. Of course I’ll have to be back in Iowa City this spring for blood testing, but until then it’s palm trees and swimming pools!

We are currently just outside Sedona, but are headed south in a few days. It’s a little chilly here and I’d like it to be a bit warmer. I’m not complaining, it could be worse, like Chicago, but I want to enjoy the pool and I can’t here cuz I have to be careful about infections and such. Bummer. So south of Phoenix we go! (I just saw a news clip of all the snow in the north and midwest!)

Also, my mom and sister are in Phoenix and I want to be able to get together with them, so we’re moving closer. We’re on wheels so no problem. I can’t wait to go shopping in Scottsdale! I will be working in retail while I’m here. I’m not sure where, but I’ll keep you posted!

I’m on a “boot” kick now so can’t wait to find my next pair! I am looking for the perfect cowboy boot. Here are a few ideas I have:

‘The Greatest Show On Earth’

Well, that’s what the Daily Mail said anyway?! I beg to differ. “Differ” is putting it mildly. They said this about the Victoria Secret show?! Now, unless you live underneath a rock, in the middle of a desert, you know what this is. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Victoria Secret’s lingerie! I was just there a couple months ago and bought the ‘Fragrance Mist and Lotion – Beyond.’

Anyway, and I’ve harped about this before, but what’s with Kendall, GiGi and Bella being there? Don’t you have to have DD’s to even fit properly in those outfits? Okay, maybe it’s a new thing or maybe the people who run the show need to take their rose-colored glasses off?! Just sayin’….

No, I’m not jealous. Too mature for that. I’m just bewildered. They are way too thin, have no breasts and look closely at G and H, they look older than me!! Genes aren’t too great, I guess. They just have the right “connections.” It’s who you know or blow, so to speak and their mothers are definitely footing the bill. Sad.

What happened to the days when they went with real talent and beauty? I know money talks and it’s all who you know, but come on…. I just hope my nieces realize that this is what our world has come to and that money/power rules all, sadly. Hopefully they will realize that this is just a minuscule part of life and yes, you will be passed by if you don’t have the money or right connections, but it doesn’t make you less of a woman and these girls are NOT to be looked up to. I hope they’ll be able to see the absurdity of this and keep their heads up and walk tall.These girls and what they represent are not the end all and be all and they shouldn’t compare themselves to this display.

I want my nieces to know that this is NOT real and they are worth a whole lot more than money or connections can buy!! Like my grandmother used to tell me: “They can take your money and possessions, but they can’t take your education or religion from you.” Good looks, if there, fade and if you haven’t got a solid foundation under you, you’re screwed. These girls do NOT have a solid foundation and I don’t want my nieces to suffer the same fate. They are better than this and hopefully, in a couple years, they’ll be able to read this and understand. I only want the very best for them!!

Finally, as far as the ‘main stream media’ goes: Quit perpetuating what is not real and call it what it is and it’s NOT ‘The greatest show on earth.’  Peace.


Fashion is not Political



Oh Brother, Fashion Too?!

Good for Nordstrom! They shot down those who want to dump a fashion line for stupid reasons!

Nordstrom has hit back at calls to boycott the store over their sales of Ivanka Trump’s ‘toxic’ brand. 

Last week, a loyal Nordstrom shopper’s open letter the department store calling for them to drop the line went viral. 

The woman, named only as Laura on Twitter, had implored the store to reconsider selling Ivanka’s products over the businesswoman’s continued support for her father despite the mounting sexual harassment allegations against him.

Now Nordstrom has responded to the viral letter, saying it has no plans to pull the brand and they will continue to allow customers ‘to choices about what they purchase based on personal views.’

The Daily Mail

Now, I despise politics (corruption) and I avoid it most of the time, but I had to say something here. I’ve always believed to each her own. As long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights, then they can go for it!! Yet, as usual, someone has to take that last step and goes too far. I’m sorry that you don’t like a person or product, but hey, I do and I want to buy it for me. WTF does fashion have to do with someone’s political stance?! Guess what, NOTHING!! Wake up “Laura!” Or whatever your name is!

Some of my best friends from college do not have the same political beliefs as I do, but it doesn’t make us enemies and I do not hold anything against them for it!! “LIVE AND LET LIVE,” for God’s sake!!  Pick up your toys and leave the sandbox if you don’t like something. No skin off my back.

This woman and others like her have to really get lives! Please! Just because you don’t like so and so, doesn’t mean I don’t like them too. It’s my perogative! Do these women have lives? Or are they “kept” by rich men. If they are, hey, more power to you, but find something more productive to do and don’t tread on others’ personal preferences!

You go Nordstrom’s! And in the meantime, I will go to Nordstrom’s (in Phoenix) and buy something with Ivanka’s name on it! It’s my right! Vote for whomever you want, I don’t care, but leave the fashion alone and shop somewhere else!! Geez!!

Cleaning out my Closet

When I hear “cleaning out my closet,” I think Eminem. Loved that song! Anyway, I ran across this in the Daily Mail about a stylist in England. Quite interesting knowing that I had to do this myself when I decided to live out on the road and full-time in an RV. I don’t regret my decision, not by a long shot, but yes I admit it: I am a clothes and shoes hoarder! Oh, the horror! LOL!

Cleaning out your closet

I guess changing my lifestyle was my rehab. It wasn’t easy, but I did and do need to rethink my wardrobe now and start all over. Damn, that means I have to go shopping to get the items I now know I must have to compliment my lifestyle. Yes, clean out my closet one more time and then fill it back up with what I need. Yea!

Just talking about it drives my better-half crazy, but hey, he doesn’t understand this clothes/shoes thing us women have! Before he met me, after he started RVing full-time (his wife passed, cancer, and he was alone in a huge house), he went out and bought what he needed. Fifteen pairs of the same jeans, boring, shelves of pocket tee’s, light and heavy jackets (one of each) and drawers full of boxers and socks – ALL THE SAME – can you say “YAWN?!!” He claims it’s all he needs?! Oh, and he only “needs” two pairs of shoes, according to him.

Welcome to my world! He doesn’t understand why I need different styles, colors and different outfits for different occasions. And don’t bring up shoes and purses, oh my! Very few men “get it.” I see I have to break him in and I hear that from a lot of women I meet on the road! So I’m a little “high maintenance,” he’ll learn! LOL!

We come from different backgrounds, but who doesn’t? I always thought it would be boring to marry the “boy next door” anyway. It’s never a dull moment here! Gotta keep them on their toes! Good luck, y’all! With the closets and the men that is….

I think I’ll start with these cuties I saw at Kohl’s last week!



On the Road Again

So, our stay in Iowa is coming to an end. I’m enjoying the fall, but it’ll soon be blistering cold with snow. Not ideal if you full-time in an RV, which as you know, we do. I didn’t get to work for Kohl’s here because their hiring process is SLOW! My orientation was scheduled for one week before we leave! Not happening here but hopefully at our next location, which will probably be either Texas or Arizona. I see my doctor next week and then we’re off. Iowa will be a permanent stop because of my doctors and we’ll probably be back in the spring. Anyway, I am working part-time at a nursing home and talk about “customer service.” They can be fussy, but I don’t blame them. They earned that right and hell, we’ll all be there one day, sooner or later.

Fashion is limited for these folks and going out to shop for something new is usually not an option. I would love to get the ladies together and go to the Tanger Outlet Mall! What a blast that would be! It would be like having a vehicle loaded with my grandmother and her buds! (May she rest in peace.)

I’m not allowed to take pics inside the home, privacy issues, so I can’t show you some elderly style! Which I would love to do, but suffice it to say, some of the ladies definitely rock their style! I’d love to see what they wear for the holidays and hopefully they have family nearby to celebrate with them. I have to tell you about Bob. What a hoot he is! He rocks Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirts and a brown cowboy hat! His personality matches his clothes! Definitely young at heart, bless him!

He rides on his steel horse with beer in hand! I hope he never gets old! Keep smiling!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different personal style, from the very young to the very old. No one is “wrong” and not everyone follows the trends. To each their own I’ve always believed. Yeah, some people do not know how to dress, mismatched colors or the absolute wrong shoes, but hey no one is perfect and who are we to say? Kudos to all who rock their style regardless of what anyone else thinks. Not everyone can be a fashion model or have a bottomless bank account, so be kind!