Conservatives (“Nazi’s”) are ALL getting very tired. Oh, so TIRED. Every day I talk to people from all around our great nation, and I’m hearing the same thing: “Enough is Enough. Our patience is wearing thin!” This “Antifa/BLM” is on thin ice anymore, so they should heed this warning: People are getting to the point where “there won’t be a warning shot ‘cuz ammo is just too damn expensive…” I’m just repeating what I am hearing, nothing more, nothing less.

I am in the travel business so I hear all kinds of things every day from different people, all from different states. It ain’t pretty. I don’t condone violence, but these protesting IDIOTS are pushing their luck. Just sayin’.

I’ve always believed in “To each their own.” If a guy wants to marry a guy or if someone is TRULY coming to this country because of persecution elsewhere, or even if someone is pro-life, fine, just don’t shove it in my face! I will tolerate you and you will tolerate me, see?! How hard is that? It’s all about RESPECT and the simple fact that WE LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY!!

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I am a Christian/Conservative and one of my co-workers is (gasp) a Libertarian! OH, THE HORROR!!! And guess what? We work with each other and why may you ask?! Okay, let me enlighten you: We are both adults and respect each others’ beliefs because we know we are each our own person and that NOT EVERYONE COMES FROM THE SAME CLOTH!!

Yet, alas, these idiots will keep running their mouths, because they can! You know, in the country that was built on FREE speech and TOLERANCE!! That’s why they CAN protest like they do.

They, “black bandanas” will keep pushing the envelope and pissing everyone off, but they better hope that the president does something or else the MAJORITY of Americans will do it themselves. Remember “Four dead in Ohio?” It took the National Guard killing four student protesters, during the Vietnam War era, to finally end the protests. “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Yes Chad, they NEED to be EDUCATED!! Maybe if they stayed off the streets and spent more time in the classroom, they would LEARN something!! Shame….

BTW, socialism does NOT work, communists will drop you where you stand if you even look at them cross-eyed and these ISIS guys will chew you up and spit you out after they finish using you. Finally, the MEDIA lies!! (How do I know? I am in the media business!!)

Sucks, right?!!




Pink doesn’t try to be controversial, and art can be seen differently by each and every person. Like when I write, I play ‘devil’s advocate’ and present things in a way that can be left up to individual interpretation. I believe that nothing is black or white, but comes in all shades of gray. Yes, I can be devastatingly sarcastic because most people are not very intelligent. They like to be spoon fed and bury their collective heads in the sand.

I love novels like ANIMAL FARM. If you haven’t ever read it, DO! Just like 1984, it states the obvious without stating the obvious with sarcasm (wit) thrown in. People are so gullible, and that’s what Soros, Obama, and Clinton counted on.

I see Pink here throwing shade at Obama and crew. Broken promises and racial strife is all they brought to the table, while off playing in the Carribean. We’re NOT Europe. Our forefathers escaped this and built a country on truth and leaving real intolerance behind. Soros, et. al., didn’t count on such resistance from us, but the majority of us could see through the B.S. and thank GOD for that.

Check and checkmate Soros and all your cronies. BTW, these ‘antifa’ are not as big as they want us to think. It’s the same hundred of them showing up at these rallies. MEDIA LIES!! I should know, I’m in the business….



And Taylor Swift just kicked Kanye’s ASS!!! I LOVE IT/HER!!! A shrewd business woman that has NO FEAR!! When I grow up I want to be just like her!! A boyfriend once said to me, “It’s power I want. It’s more important than money!!”

I’m feeling EMPOWERED!!! Thank you, Taylor!!!!

Suck it Kanye and Kim Kardashian!!!

Bring it Soros and all his lackeys!!!




Pink went through hell to get where she is today and she deserves it all! I’ve loved her since “Get the Party Started.” Now, in 2017, she’s on top of the world where she belongs! What a gorgeous family!

What she says to her daughter is what I want to say to my nieces, McKenna and Autumn: “Pretty, pretty please, don’t you let them tell you you’re not perfect. Cuz you’re f’ing perfect, to me…”

I wish someone had said that to me when I was young…


“Black Bandanas” have played their hand. I don’t know if it was intentional or a person’s own arrogance getting the best of them:


And in a “Schoolhouse Rock” forum there is this:


First, let me say that I am well-educated. I have my B.A. in History. I concentrated on warfare as far back as the Victorian and Dark Ages. I physically studied in Paris, France. (I was born in Germany.) 

My grandmother, my mom and my aunt all fled communism during WWII, all the while my grandfather was executed and his body was never found. Communists are famous for this. So, to spell it out for you, I know of what I speak.

Finally, I have my M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications. The “in the classroom” kind, not virtual.

I have been to hell and back in my lifetime, more than once. I have NO FEAR and I am a survivor. I grew up in the city and the country. I am street and nature wise, so to speak. I want to be left alone, but if driven to it I will lead into battle. I will go down in a “blaze of glory” for my FAMILY and GOD, my Lord and Savior.

 Don’t f–ck with what is mine…It will NEVER be yours.


If you were ‘offended’ by my last post (ME-1, SANCTUARY CITY-0) well, you try having your guts torn apart by both a disease and surgical knife and have cancer thrown into the mix and then have a state hell-bent on serving ‘illegals’ before you…well do I really need to tell you where to go?!

Believe me, as I am in the ‘travel industry’, there are a whole lot of angry USA CITIZENS out there (as it turns out we outnumber you by something like 100-1) that would gladly ask you to just to GET THE HELL OUT then. They are not very ‘vocal’ at the moment but do NOT underestimate their anger and willingness to fight and get our country back, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, if need be. That’s all I am going to say….

It’s bad enough that my insides are rotting, but to have to worry about all this other shit is just assinine!! I am near a university and fall WAS always a GREAT time, with classes starting, cooler weather, nature’s color changes and COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! A GREAT time to be alive!! I’m not saying that any of this is finished, but I can feel another tension in the air. Tension brought on by COMPLETE IDIOTS!!

Don’t misconstrue, it is NOT FEAR, but a tiredness and desire to live life and not have to put up with FOOLS! GET OVER IT ALREADY!! We know ‘Hilary’ and her ‘supporters’ are behind all this anger, just ‘follow the money’ and alleged ‘suicides’.

But alas, before us sane citizens get in the car anymore, it’s not “did I lock the front door,” but “is my firearm in the vehicle”?! Really?!

Please don’t get me(us) wrong, I (WE) are still rockin’ it and having a GREAT time despite the idiots running around in ‘black bandanas’ thinking…hell, they don’t even know what they are thinkin’!!

Youth is truly wasted on the young and ignorant.







This is home

We do not own a building

Stuck in the ground

Being stuck is a terrifying concept

One we do not wish to own

We haven’t any so-called riches

They are left far behind

We choose the sun, sky and moon

The road always lies beneath us

And does not betray us

We follow the sunrise and sunsets

And live our lives

Without unwanted interference

We take the cougar, birds and air

And live under their care

Nature is God

And for God we will always stop

For he is on top…





I asked this question on a student feed (Big Ten University) and one reply was: “Inside with my own moral compass…” To which I replied:

To each his/her own: I’ve always believed this, but when people yell and scream because I don’t believe what they do, it’s ridiculous. Some people need to ‘man up’ and take it all in stride. If one doesn’t agree with me, fine let’s debate. I will back off if someone approaches me intelligently, but all this SJW crap is, what’s the word, infantile. I don’t care who is president and what country you are from, but students these days need to ‘grow a pair.’ It’s like they want another 9/11? It is 2017 and the world is not a nice place, so excuse me if I want people to be properly vetted and to abide by our system. I have nieces and nephews to think about. This is all a ‘divide and conquer’ ploy by SOROS and his cronies and it has been proven that SJW’s are being paid to protest because they can’t get real jobs and don’t believe in paying their dues. This quote is falsely attributed to Churchill but rings true today: ‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.’ It is believed to appear in, and Socialists will love this, an 1875 French book by a Jules Claretie:

  1. Batbie, dans une lettre trop célèbre, citait un jour, pour expliquer ses variations personnelles et bizarres, ce paradoxe de Burke: « Celui qui n’est pas républicain à vingt ans fait douter de la générosité de son âme; mais celui qui, après trente ans, persévère, fait douter de la rectitude de son esprit. »

Mr. Batbie, in a much-celebrated letter, once quoted the Burke paradox in order to account for his bizarre political shifts: “He who is not a républicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.”


I was a ‘socialist’ in college, but I grew up. My family had to escape the Russians at the end of WWII. My grandparents, RIP, are probably turning in their graves with all this SJW crap!!

BTW, I studied at Paris-Sorbonne University my junior year.

So, place your bets, how long before I get ‘asked’ to leave?!



This goes out to all the ‘social justice warriors’/fake feminists.

Just sayin’…

I can’t help it I’m on a roll this morning, you know, the ‘I don’t give a crap’ type.

I love fashion, movies, and music, but sometimes it gets out of hand. It’s only my opinion and it’s not all bad, but come on!! You have these ‘women’ who have some crazy ass ideas and all you can do is shake your head sigh, and say to yourself, ‘whatever.’

Sometimes I am ashamed of my ‘gender’, female, that is, and sometimes it’s way too much.

I am NOT a racist, I believe properly vetted immigrants/legals can stay and I believe in ‘equality.’ But, I don’t believe alleged ‘criminals’, female or not, should run this country, period.

I received an education and have a career, just like many of us, so, WTF is THEIR problem?! I’m not OLD or ‘out of touch,’ far from it! I read and watch what is going on and state my opinion. I don’t try and shove my belief’s down others’ throats and if you disagree with me, fine, I love intelligent debates!

I am NOT going to call someone a ‘racist’ because they don’t agree with me, or scream at the top of my lungs for absolutely no good reason (see below).

Now, how is this going to solve anything, really? It says, ‘I am a dumbass and cannot articulate intelligently.’

Has this ‘female’ watched her idiotic display? If it were me and I saw it, I would go to bed, pull the covers over my head and not go out for at least a week, hoping the video would just die a quick and painless (not gonna happen) death.

I feel like screaming all the time because, well, I am tired of all the doctor appointments, pharmaceuticals, bitchy nurses, having needles gouged into my skin and how about just plain being ill. Yet, I don’t?! I write about it and share intelligently. These ‘feminists’ and ‘sjw’s’ should try it?!